I am running because we can do better in Illinois.
We can have good government. We can have safe communities.
We can rebuild trust in our leaders.

John Milhiser

End The Madigan Culture Of Corruption

The Madigan Machine has run our state for too long. The people of Illinois have endured years of corruption and career politicians who serve special interests. It’s time to put an end to the Madigan culture of corruption that continues to plague Illinois.

Proven Leadership to Deliver Results

Building an office that is able to innovate in a time of crisis is a top priority. When the pandemic hit, my team in the U.S. Attorney’s office quickly navigated the unknown to continue working without stalling operations. In a time of crisis, Illinois needs proven, trusted leaders who will step up to the plate.

Restore Trust In Our Public Leaders

Trust in government is at an all time low. The culture of corruption Mike Madigan cultivated over decades has put self-serving politicians willing to sacrifice the public’s interest to gain political favor at all levels of our state government. Illinois deserves a leader who will put the people above partisan politics. I have proven that over my career in public service, investigating Republicans and Democrats alike for corrupt practices. I am running for Secretary of State to restore much needed leadership and integrity to our state government.

Deliver Safe, Effective, And Efficient Services

The Secretary of State’s Office is the second-largest constitutional office in Illinois, and is the most widely visited office in the state. Illinois taxpayers should be confident that they’re receiving the services they need efficiently and effectively.

As the U.S. Attorney for the Central District of Illinois, I was responsible for enforcing the federal laws in 46 of our counties. In that role, I learned the value of regularly talking with every county. As Secretary of State, I intend to continue that model of communication and partnership with every county to provide efficient services to every citizen.